Store Fixtures & POP

Injection Molding

Injection molded parts can add significantly to the visual and functional aspects of your store fixtures so why utilize a standard or off the shelf product designed for someone else on your flagship product when we can provide you with a custom-made injection molded part that displays your product in the best way possible?

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ACT, Inc knows metal store fixtures and it shows. Whether you are looking for table top sized display fixtures, freestanding floor fixtures, or a full wall display system with all the options we have you covered.

Utilizing our facilities domestically as well as overseas we can provide the highest quality store fixtures at the most competitive prices available.

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Looking for an attractive, flexible, and low cost option for your store fixtures that can be made to your specifications without significant investments in tooling and setup?

Why limit yourself to one configuration of your in-store fixture when you can have a system that’s flexible as well as attractive that your merchandisers can change as needed to accommodate your changing display requirements?

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ACT, Inc has always been an industry leader in wood products, after all that’s where we started out. Whether you are looking for cash wraps and back wraps, glass display cases, merchandisers, 4 ways, shelves or any other wood based store fixture, ACT, Inc. has you covered.

Automated Cutting Technologies was founded by an industry expert who was involved in the development of CNC routers before they became mainstream, as a result we have enjoyed a significant advantage over competitors that needed to learn the technology from the ground up. Our people understand the technology deeply and leverage that knowledge to the fullest advantage in every phase of our cutting and routing operations.

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